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Chevy Chase- Connecticut Avenue Estate Sale

One of a kind estate sale! 

 This sale is in the home of renowned emeritus economics professor who as a consultant for the World Bank traveled the world. He guided policies for the central banks of China, Japan, Europe and Latin America. He was married to a dedicated Emeritus Professor of Medicine who has a large collection of medical books from her practice and training in the U.S. and Europe.  The family, who lived in the house 50 years, are selling furniture, art,collectibles, jewelry,  and rows and rows of books and papers, ephemera, clothing, Asian fabrics and dolls, European postcard collection from early 1900's, stamps, coins, full kitchen and more.  There are also mid-century items, medical books, research books, travel books and memorabilia.

More information and photos to be posted!

For Friday morning early birds, a sign up sheet will be available at 9:30 am at the front door. You must be present and in line to sign up. You cannot have someone sign up for you and you cannot sign someone up who is not able to sign up for themselves. Lines typically last about an hour, then it is first come - first served! 

Purchases over $200 must be paid with cash or credit card (with a chip), subject to a 3% service fee.


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